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Senan Group LTD (formerly SenanGroup Liberia)
Senan Group LTD (formerly SenanGroup Liberia)

Purposes of Geotechnical Investigations

geotechnical investigation serves a variety of purposes. It is used to find groundwater and is essential in civil engineering and construction projects to assess the subsurface conditions of a site. Other objectives of geotechnical investigations include:

  • Slope Stability Analysis

Slope stability analysis is essential for construction services, helping construction providers assess the stability of natural slopes, embankments, and cut slopes. The information helps prevent landslides, analyze the soil, and ensure the safety of structures and people in hilly or mountainous areas.

  • Site Selection

A geotechnical investigation is essential to help select suitable locations for various infrastructure projects. The investigations help determine ground composition and identify problematic soil conditions. As a borehole drilling services provider in Congo Town, Liberia, we use geotechnical investigations to look for groundwater.

  • Assessment of Environmental Impact

Information gained from geotechnical investigations also helps determine the environmental impact of infrastructure works, especially in sensitive areas such as wetlands or near water bodies. Avoid water and soil contamination with our hydrotechnical investigation in Liberia.

For more information about geotechnical investigations, call Senan Group LTD at +231 777-393-950. We are a water solution provider in Monrovia, Liberia, using geotechnical investigations to find groundwater and promote better management. 

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