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Senan Group LTD (formerly SenanGroup Liberia)
Senan Group LTD (formerly SenanGroup Liberia)

Geological Survey

A Geological survey accesses the geographical landscape and composition of your ground and ascertains the location and depth at which the water drilling should take place.

Drilling Equipment Mobilization

Mobilization of the Drilling Equipment Once payment has been settled, our drilling equipment is mobilized from our operations site to the drilling site.

Drilling and Installation

Upon reaching the site, our rig locates the area identified by the hydrogeologist as suitable for drilling. The machine uses a bit and a hammer to penetrate the ground and rods which further push the head of the drill toward the ground.


This stage is crucial as it conducts a chemical analysis of the water to determine its suitability for use. This is usually a 24-hour process.

Securing the borehole

Top Slabs are inserted, and a cap is usually put on the borehole

Water Collection

As per the client’s requests, we can also put up steel/plastic tanks and a water tower along with the required piping.

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