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Senan Group LTD (formerly SenanGroup Liberia)
Senan Group LTD (formerly SenanGroup Liberia)

Common Methods for Locating Groundwater Sources


Groundwater has been utilized by the human race for hundreds of years. Up until modern times, it is a source of water that supplements communities of all sizes when sustainably managed.

As a water solution provider in Monrovia, Liberia, we constantly witness how groundwater meets some of our most basic human needs. We have also been a part of many initiatives to bring groundwater to many communities. How is groundwater located in the first place?

  • Looking for the Right Signs

    Numerous factors affect the formation of reliable aquifers. But in some cases, signs can be present above ground.

    For instance, many hydrologists find existing wells as part of their geotechnical investigation. Doing this helps them understand the quantity and quality of the aquifer in the area. Others also look at the vegetation as some plants are an indication that a shallow water source exists underground.
  • Geological Assessment

    A proper geological investigation is instrumental when finding groundwater. This means assessing the geological makeup of an area and understanding how water from precipitation can behave relative to the area’s land composition. We can help you perform a hydrotechnical investigation in Liberia to help you with this process.

    The quality of the soil is also looked at as some types of soil, like limestone, sandstone, and gravel, make for better aquifers than others.
  • Test Holes
    Some hydrologists also work with quality drilling services to perform test holes. These tests will help them locate and assess the quality of an aquifer.

Here at Senan Group LTD, we can help you with all your groundwater exploration initiatives. Our borehole drilling services provider in Congo Town, Liberia, can meet all your groundwater needs. Call us today for your inquiries!

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